Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Smoother Ride

Today started with lots of coffee and time spent zoning out here in front of the computer. I moved very slowly today. I spent a large chunk of time in the Word and we all spent time outside,enjoying the cool weather. I kept thinking all day,how I am growing up,too. I am still learning my own boundaries. I have been a mama for 12 years and married the same number. I find myself at times wriggling around in this mama skin, not sure it quite fits me. I am constantly resizing it, lopping off expectations that weigh me down,adding bits & bobs,until it fits just right. Some days I am more confident with the shears than others. Thanks for your encouraging words!

::Why won't she ever just smile???

I have to be very careful to not compare and to let go! Arghhh, how tightly I clutch to things that do not matter. Five seconds on the other side of eternity, my pile of laundry will not matter! But the here and now can be so pressing. It is the cry of my heart to live an intentional life, mindful of people and not THINGS! An eternal perspective is needed in this mama job. But so hard to balance with all the daily, very real things I "need" to do.

::Mushroom castle

::Face creation

::What a Sweetie

::Hey, how bad a day could it be??? She has clothes on!!!!


I am off to watch a super junky movie and do some stitchin'. It is just what the doctor ordered to this healing day.

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