Monday, September 10, 2007

Birthday Season Has Begun

Borko birthday season begins with a triple birthday in August. My mom and C6 share a birthday and my sister's takes place a week before. We had the whole gang over for a birthday bash. There was food, cake and laughing. My mom loves coconut cake and had been eyeing this one over at Martha Stewart. We did the best we could to compete.

It was super yummy and vanished quickly. J's parents came over and celebrated later on in the week with a smaller cake!

C6 turned two AND there is not another baby coming. It has been a lot harder on this mama than I ever expected. I am trying to embrace the feelings and cry when I want or just sit and enjoy her when I know I "should" be doing something else. At first I tried to deny/suppress the grieving feelings. Things like:

"Give me a break Eva you do have SIX kids!!! What's your problem?"

"What are you some kind of baby nut!!! Won't it be great to not have a diaper bag?"

"You will have lots of grand babies to hold. Just wait."

"You can always work in the nursery!."

had been running through my head. I have never made it to a two year old birthday without a baby on the way. And this whole process of letting go bites.

::Before the curls came in

::My brown eyed girl

::Cool baby,cool

::Not so easy being two


Sigh . . . Now I'll be gearing up for P3's birthday this month, with ones following in October, November and December. We get January off before The Boy's birthday in February! Going to search for more cute cakes!


  1. great pictures Eva! That cake looks soo yummy and I don't even like coconut.
    Squeeze that baby of yours for us!

  2. Aw, cut yourself a small break, Eva, and go ahead and mourn if you need too. I remember reading that Lillian Gilbreth (of Cheaper By the Dozen fame) cried and had a hard time admitting that their 12th was their last. It's part of being a Mama, I think. It's just hard to know that phase has passed. We're done with 3. And even though I know it's what's right for us, sometimes it really gets to me. Hang in there!