Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just Trying to Get a Grip

There are days when I am a really swinging, together mom. We rise early and before us lays every imaginable, wonderful thing. I am creative super mom on those days and say "YES" to every mess they wish to create. I do not feel perfect, just riding this nice little happy groove of children, creating, reading, playing and some chores thrown in there,too. I fall asleep exhausted on those days but with a heart full of joy at what I was a part of.Then ,there are days like today. Instead of my nice, smooth groove, I feel like I was dragged across a dry river bed. And somehow managed to snag myself on every piece of debris left behind. I cringe when my children suggest another mess. The day is just a countdown to bedtime. I crawl in bed wondering what went wrong. I usually want to cry but am too tried to manage that emotional feat. Truth be told I feel like a failure. A friend commented on how she would like to focus on how God sees her. I would like today to see myself the way God sees me. What does He see when He looks at this broken mess of a girl? There were harsh words spoken, missed opportunities to show God's grace and precious time that slipped through my fingers today. I know the answer is not for me to pull up my boot straps and try harder tomorrow. I will seek His face, forgiveness and pray it is a smoother ride.


  1. Yes, I have those days often. I agree with you about living in his Grace. Oh, and disregard my message and my forgetful mind. Yikes!

  2. How does God see you on your bad days? The same way He sees you on days when you have it all together. The way He's seen you every day since you became His child. Through the eyes of love. Just think of the bad days as a chance to see how much He really loves you.