Tuesday, September 4, 2007

August Highlights

August was a crazy, busy month for us. I have been away from this little spot due to a combination of a router-computer-thingie problem and and all the stuff we packed into this past month! Life is slowly tilting rightwards to (our version) normal. I wanted to take some time this week to let ya' in on some of the doings around here. The lack of computer time shot my productivity through the roof. I finished several WIP.

The Boy is not much of a model, so this was the best(only)shot I got of him in his new pants.

I made him another pair in tan and a coordinating set of shorts.

I am always suggesting he try a print or at least another color. But no!!! The Boy's wardrobe consists of dark colors and lots of pants/shorts with elastic waists. It is nice to have one child keep things simple. I have some girls that are very picky about style and colors and one who is insanely concerned about comfort! So really, I am not complaining about The Boy. There is one color he has taken a particular liking to lately . . .

He's moving up. In the end though, his favorite color will be black again:)

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