Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Love Wendy

A new shirt for me!!! Hip,hip hurray!!! I am really digging my new Built By Wendy patterns.I had purchased the book SewU awhile back.I am not new to sewing my own clothing, yet I found some truly wonderful ideas in this book and more than anything it inspired confidence in me. Wendy really encourages you to make it your own. And that is the part about sewing my own clothing I really like.The book includes a pattern for your basic shirt, skirt and pants. I had been eyeing her other patterns, when the local fabric super center had them for 99cents I snapped up a few.The shirt I made at the beginning of the month was from pattern 3835.This new one was made using 3964. The gray knit fabric is from my mom's fabric stash. It is super soft and is quickly making this shirt one of my favorite's to slip on. The contrast is out of a not-so-soft polyester piece I picked up at Goodwill.

But ya' gotta' love that design! The button is from a stash of vintage goodies I found at the Quigely house. This is the first piece of knit clothing I made on my new serger. I am very,very,very,very pleased with how it turned out.

I do feel a little self conscious in it (and the other one) as I think it makes me look a tiny bit pregnant. Not sure if I am just sensitive (Well, I have been pregnant for 54 months out of the last 144 months!).No one has commented on it but then again for reasons already mentioned (see those numbers above) they know better than to ask. The supposed prego appearance is not going to stop me creating some of these comfy shirts. I think they made need a new skirt.

Slice of Life

A Little Breakfast and a Game ON the TABLE:

Watching with Daddy:
Julian Beever,BitBox

A Little School Work:



And in the midst of it all a storm has been brewing in my head,while thinking about the fight for joy and having a really good chuckle.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We Survived!!!

Pinewood does VBS in a big way. Everyone dresses up and joins in the fun. This year held both firsts and lasts for us. It was the first time I have done VBS since #4 was a baby (she is now 6.5)The last summer that I worked, I was pregnant with #5 and worked in the classroom as a teacher. #4 wasn't comfortable with being left in the nursery so I toted her around all week,in either the backpack or the sling.It was a very long,exhausting week and I remember we ate out every day for lunch. The following week, at exactly twelve weeks, I started bleeding and did not stop until our little one was gone. We named him Caleb Asher. I think on a very deep, hidden level I blamed myself. Did I think I was Superwoman? Why didn't I send the other kids off to VBS and stay home and rest? Why didn't I eat better that week? Also, there was mixed feelings between my husband and I about the arrival of this new baby. We were thrilled, yes but, at the same time worried how it was all going to work out. There were feelings of guilt,about not wanting the baby at that time,after I lost him. I know now that I did not hurt my little one and the reality is he probably stopped developing at 8 weeks. God has comforted me and given me His grace and peace. So . . .this year I did VBS in a big way. I was the Missions Lady. This is the woman in charge of sharing with the kids about the missions project for the week. This year we collected coins for feeding centers in Costa Rica and cans for the food pantry at church. I named myself Rosita-Fresita-Chiquita-Banana. The kids called me Rosie. Everyday I wore a new, strangely decorated hat.It was truly a week of healing and joy for me. I was surrounded all week by women and men who have helped me grow in my faith. My own personal cloud of witnesses!It was triumphant! To God be the glory!
And it was the last year of VBS for my oldest daughter as a student. Next year she will be a teen helper. I am hoping we can work together. All of her siblings (except THE BOY) are scrambling to have her promise to help in their classrooms. The last night of VBS she went to Dairy Queen with some friends instead of heading home with us. How is it they grow so quickly??? Time slips through my fingers. I swear it was just yesterday,she would never have left my side and was incapable of feeding herself and now . . . now she will be serving snacks to a classroom full of kids. Sigh . . . I think I need some chocolate!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keeping Up with Those Boys

This is Maggie! Our newest addtion to the family. We couldn't let Those Boys have two dogs, could we??? Tell ya' the story later!

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Mom Apron

I had a friend request an apron that had a pocket on it that would hold her phone and day planner. I used the opportunity to try out Denyse Schmidt's Shimmy,Shake and Bake apron. I wanted the pocket larger than hers so I had hubby beef up the enlargement of the pattern. And while I like it . . . it just doesn't quite shimmy or shake like this one. I love the off-centeredness of her designs and I do not feel like it showed up in this pocket. So for those of you who read this and sew and have any clue as to what I am talking about . . .what do you think??? Did I lose the lines in the enlargement of the pattern or is it something else I may have done wrong???? The color choices??? UGH! This is not making me feel hopeful about that quilt I want to some day make.
FYI : no, he really does not always wear his karate uniform. it just turned out that way with these posts.<>

Saturday, June 9, 2007


10. Extreme craft night with a fellow fabric nut

11. Horses and the girls who love them.

12. Grace and a friend to praise God with, for it.

13. a growing garden

14. curling up at night next to my sweet hubby and awakening in the morning with two extra bodies (whom we never even noticed coming in)

15. Really smart ladies. (mommylife)

16. Swimming pools and toddlers in goggles

17. A friend who always tells you the truth

18. that friend (see #17) still loving you after you tell her what a fool you made of yourself

19. a young man hungry for the Word

20. the privilege of taking a small part in that young man's spiritual journey

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Neatest Thing I Ever Sewed

The Boy, at times, has it rough. He has five sisters, no neighborhood boys to play with and a very short fuse. He really struggled with his temper and part of the over all plan to help him was signing him up for karate. We were led to an incredible dojo. As part of The Boy being considered for advanced classes he had to memorize the verses that go along with their doctrine statement. On completion of this he received a patch of the American flag. I was given the honor of sewing it on. As The Boy would say,"Sweet!".

FYI : The brace is not a result of karate class. He just fell of the bed and had a minor broken bone. BOYS!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

May is Over

I am glad it is June. A new month, a new shirt and my mom is on vacation for two months. I know life will continue to throw me it's best curve balls but maybe I'll be better prepared for them this month. Last month I spent a lot of time mumbling to myself,"Peace is a Person NOT my swirling circumstances." That is very hard for me to grasp at times. It is something I need to desperately keep before my eyes,though. Living an intentional life with six children (a dog, three cats, two gerbils and a rat and oh, yeah I am married!) can be overwhelming and exhausting. I find myself easily discouraged with the endless arguments, poor school evaluations (just what have we been doing all year???) and dreams I have that are often put on the back burner (or never make it on the stove!). It is comforting to know Christ is mine and I am His. It is more than comforting . . . it is this special relationship that is the very life blood of what keeps me going. His voice speaking peace to me-“Listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying, for he speaks peace to His faithful people” (Ps. 85:8). The "listen carefully" part is what I lack the most often. And I need to find ways to be more creative to hear Him. A long time ago,(Te-he just 5 years ago but it feels like forever) I had four children ages 6yrs-18months and a new blessing on the way. It was rough and to be honest much of it is a blur. My hubby, the stats keeper, isn't home so I am really hoping I did those numbers right! But regardless, the point is there were lots of littles and very little time to myself. I used to place my Bible, open to Psalms, by my water glass and would feed a bit on His peace. Since being now able to sleep through the night and rise and have a quiet time I do not look as hard for ways to slip His word into my day. I have suffered for it and so has my household. This month I purpose to listen again and to listen carefully.

“the Lord of Peace Himself gives [me] His peace at all times, and in every situation” (2 Thess. 2:16). At all times and in every situation . . . I like that. I like that very much!