Wednesday, June 6, 2007

May is Over

I am glad it is June. A new month, a new shirt and my mom is on vacation for two months. I know life will continue to throw me it's best curve balls but maybe I'll be better prepared for them this month. Last month I spent a lot of time mumbling to myself,"Peace is a Person NOT my swirling circumstances." That is very hard for me to grasp at times. It is something I need to desperately keep before my eyes,though. Living an intentional life with six children (a dog, three cats, two gerbils and a rat and oh, yeah I am married!) can be overwhelming and exhausting. I find myself easily discouraged with the endless arguments, poor school evaluations (just what have we been doing all year???) and dreams I have that are often put on the back burner (or never make it on the stove!). It is comforting to know Christ is mine and I am His. It is more than comforting . . . it is this special relationship that is the very life blood of what keeps me going. His voice speaking peace to me-“Listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying, for he speaks peace to His faithful people” (Ps. 85:8). The "listen carefully" part is what I lack the most often. And I need to find ways to be more creative to hear Him. A long time ago,(Te-he just 5 years ago but it feels like forever) I had four children ages 6yrs-18months and a new blessing on the way. It was rough and to be honest much of it is a blur. My hubby, the stats keeper, isn't home so I am really hoping I did those numbers right! But regardless, the point is there were lots of littles and very little time to myself. I used to place my Bible, open to Psalms, by my water glass and would feed a bit on His peace. Since being now able to sleep through the night and rise and have a quiet time I do not look as hard for ways to slip His word into my day. I have suffered for it and so has my household. This month I purpose to listen again and to listen carefully.

“the Lord of Peace Himself gives [me] His peace at all times, and in every situation” (2 Thess. 2:16). At all times and in every situation . . . I like that. I like that very much!

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