Monday, November 23, 2009

Children's Book Monday

I have noticed lately that I do not read as many pictures books to the younger set as I did to the now "older" set. A lot of it is a lack of  time. I miss the days when play-doh was the highpoint of the day for the kids and nap time was mine. (Wait, nap time is still the high point for me. It's just my nap I look forward to now not theirs!) In an attempt to be more intentional I will be  asking the "older"(this is a loosely defined term-judged mainly by one's ability to reach the clothesline) kids what are/were their favorite stories. Then, I am going to start with reading those stories to the younger folk that scamper around here and somehow manage way too much media time while I wade through things such as fractions, run-on sentences and Chinese with the older set. The Boy chose A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman.
Of course I planned a mini-interview with him about his book choice.

MOM: What do remember thinking/feeling about this book when you were younger?
THE BOY : I had a little yellow bear that I would hold when  dad would read the book to me. (insert sheepish grin) I guess I thought it was my bear's story. 
MOM: Huh?!?!? Did he really just share that with me?!?!?! Very cool. 
Interview Over