Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Unplanned Break

1. Finishing the tiling in the house we started LAST year.

2. A dog bite and trip to emergency room.

3. Some kind of computer-hard drive-transfer thing.

4.A really bad cold, wiping mom out for the count.

5. Ummmm . . . 5 girls and THE boy fully recovered from their illnesses!!!!

Let's just scratch the month of May off our lists, shall we?? and start fresh in June.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The last three weeks were not a total wash. I was able to work my way through a towering stack of mending. The amazing thing this time around is that everything still fit the rightful owner. Other things, besides clothing, end up in my pile. The dollie belongs to one of the girls and is almost a completely new dollie with all the patchwork it has received. I whipped up a little sleeping bag for her that was requested,along with the mending, by the dollie's owner. The purse is a wonderful vintage find that just needed a dab of hot glue to keep going.

Jeans are always in the pile. A little wonder under and some zig-zag stitching and you have girls requesting patches on their new jeans!:)

The oh, so lovely models. They are such hams!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Unplanned Break from Life

Let's see . . .
*One week of end of the year testing, administrated by yours truly
*One week of a case of walking pneumonia, two cases of bronchitis and three children who sounded like dying seals AND a routine destroying husband who was on vacation and 'gasp' wanted to spend time with me (when I was not attending to aforementioned variations of illness)
*One week of catch up -involving load after load after load of laundry

Finally, coming up for air this week!