Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Daughter-the Photographer

L1's favorite subjects are animals and her baby sister.

***Please, note the green grass and the babies' "fall" outfit***

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Green with Envy

Everyone is busy noting the signs of fall and assessing their fall wardrobes. We on the other hand are still wearing shorts and running the air. I do not believe Florida has fall. We have summer, a milder summer-season-thing and then BAM-it is winter. I long to wear tights, corduroy and hand knit sweaters. Sigh . . .in the midst of finishing up the odd projects from my table I needed some more thread. While at the store I discovered these beautiful bamboo knitting needles. I felt silly even looking at them. The last thing I needed was a new project/skill to learn AND it is not like I have a running list of all these warm-woollies the family needs. I could not resist though. They were smooth and there was all this yummy yarn to go with them.I selected some cotton yarn, thinking of a pattern I had seen in the amazing book Kids Knitting. The directions are clear and the drawings are perfect. If you want to learn to knit, check out this book! I think the wash mitts would make great puppets,too.

I warn you though that knitting is addictive. I am constantly holding up one finger and asking,"One more row,OK?". It is super portable and so far (the wash mitt not being too terribly difficult of a pattern) putting down mid project has been fairly easy. Now that I have finished up all my "15 minute" projects,(and picked up something new) I am going to focus all my attention on a bigger project that has been waiting in the wings.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lazy Days

Life is chugging along smoothly. I tend to be taken surprise by change. I realized this weekend that so much of my mini-meltdown was getting back into the gear of school, my mom returning to work (days off no longer regular) and all these birthdays! We have been working in the garden preparing the ground for our fall planting. I really want to try strawberries this year. I have offered a quarter per bucket of weeds. Now if only the strawberries would grow as well as the weeds!

::L1 earning some money

Awhile back, there was a storm brewing over at Stefani's. It triggered one here,too. It brewed up some serious thoughts about some things I had allowed to creep into our lives. I often think how we spend our time is just as important as how we spend our money. We have been cutting away some activities and slowly trying to make somethings a part of our everyday routine. Not all of us are as pleased as others.

::The Boy suffering from media withdrawal

The Littles (what I call the younger set of girls) have been busy working at their restaurant while the oldest girl and I dig in the garden.

::Carrot Peel Stew

::Dirt Cake (I love knowing that H 4 took this picture because she always gets the camera strap in the shot!!)

And hands down our favorite way to pass time is to watch C6 tote her bubble machine all around the yard.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just for Joy

Psalm 148
Praise the Name of the LORD
1 Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD from the heavens;
praise him in the heights!
2 Praise him, all his angels;
praise him, all his hosts!
3 Praise him, sun and moon,
praise him, all you shining stars!
4 Praise him, you highest heavens,
and you waters above the heavens!

5 Let them praise the name of the LORD!
For he commanded and they were created.
6 And he established them forever and ever;
he gave a decree, and it shall not pass away.

7 Praise the LORD from the earth,
you great sea creatures and all deeps,
8 fire and hail, snow and mist,
stormy wind fulfilling his word!

9 Mountains and all hills,
fruit trees and all cedars!
10 Beasts and all livestock,
creeping things and flying birds!

11 Kings of the earth and all peoples,
princes and all rulers of the earth!
12 Young men and maidens together,
old men and children!

13 Let them praise the name of the LORD,
for his name alone is exalted;
his majesty is above earth and heaven.
14 He has raised up a horn for his people,
praise for all his saints,
for the people of Israel who are near to him.
Praise the LORD!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Enjoying My Kids

Friday I packed everyone up in the van (minus hubbie, who stayed home to have a day alone,they need them too sometimes) and headed off to Gainesville. We met up with my sister (single,cute,available)at the Florida Museum of Natural History. We explored everything from giant sharks to bat caves. There was no schedule, no plan-just us and the favorite aunt (brilliant,creative,funny).The highlight of our visit to the museum was the butterfly rain forest.

I truly could have spent all day here. If you are anywhere near you must check it out!!! All of the photos of the butterflies were taken by L1. She could have spent all day there,too.

The staff (including the security guards!) were friendly and very willing to share information with us. This particular gentleman from the butterfly rain forest impressed H4 with his ability to talk to the butterflies.

One of the butterflies wanted to come home with us!!! As you can see in the picture that I have C6's arm in a vice grip because she so very badly wanted to touch that butterfly. All the while L1 one was shrieking and telling us to hold still so she could get a picture. The truly amazing part is that this butterfly actually attempted to sample the flowers on my shirt. We learned that butterflies can see in ultraviolet and are attracted to certain flowers based on patterns revealed by ultraviolet light (see this page for a "mouse-over" demonstration).

Then she (I am assuming gender because we were informed that this type of butterfly's common name is Priscilla)slowly began to crawl up my neck. It was very ticklish. I wanted to shriek at this point.

Famished and in need of a recharge, my sister (talented,solo,joyful)took us to lunch at an awesome New York style pizza parlor. All the kiddos were duly impressed with the size of the slices and the paper plates they were given to decorate.There was conversation about what everyone was learning in school and a certain someone's birthday party.

As always, wherever my sister (bachelorette, smart, very smart!) is there ensues much silliness.

The peaceful ride home (except for the meltdown of C6 who could not understand why she had to stay in that blasted car seat) included leftover pizza and naps for most everyone. Thanks kids, truly you are blessings to this mama.

**warning** This blog contains subliminal messages***

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

15 Minutes

Yep, that is all it took to remove the basting and add some top stitching to this outfit. It has sat on the sewing table for weeks! Oh, bother:)This outfit was commissioned by P3. I made one exactly like it for a pal of hers. They love to match and call each other before evening programs on Sundays to compare notes. Anyone recognize the top? I need to find a wholesale supplier for elastic! I lengthened the top a bit as both girls have long torsos. I used Simplicity 4206. I love these sweet and simple patterns.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This weekend I organized ALL my works in progress. I have been feeling a bit scattered brain whenever I find my way to the back porch. Instead of bustin' out with the craftin' I end up staring off into space, picking up things and setting them back down.I went through the fabric stash,too. Now my mind is swimming with ideas. This week I am going to tie up the loose ends(most of them probably taking 15 minutes) of my current projects. Some of the projects I will simply be abandoning. They aren't working for me. Then others,I am surprised at how pleased I am with them. Distance/time does make the heart grow fonder! I would strongly encourage anyone new to sewing to wait on the destruction of an item you personally find less than stellar. If you give it a couple days or even a week, you may change your mind about demolition.

OK so this picture is in no way related to anything. Aren't they the cutest???

::Friends in the making!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Smoother Ride

Today started with lots of coffee and time spent zoning out here in front of the computer. I moved very slowly today. I spent a large chunk of time in the Word and we all spent time outside,enjoying the cool weather. I kept thinking all day,how I am growing up,too. I am still learning my own boundaries. I have been a mama for 12 years and married the same number. I find myself at times wriggling around in this mama skin, not sure it quite fits me. I am constantly resizing it, lopping off expectations that weigh me down,adding bits & bobs,until it fits just right. Some days I am more confident with the shears than others. Thanks for your encouraging words!

::Why won't she ever just smile???

I have to be very careful to not compare and to let go! Arghhh, how tightly I clutch to things that do not matter. Five seconds on the other side of eternity, my pile of laundry will not matter! But the here and now can be so pressing. It is the cry of my heart to live an intentional life, mindful of people and not THINGS! An eternal perspective is needed in this mama job. But so hard to balance with all the daily, very real things I "need" to do.

::Mushroom castle

::Face creation

::What a Sweetie

::Hey, how bad a day could it be??? She has clothes on!!!!


I am off to watch a super junky movie and do some stitchin'. It is just what the doctor ordered to this healing day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just Trying to Get a Grip

There are days when I am a really swinging, together mom. We rise early and before us lays every imaginable, wonderful thing. I am creative super mom on those days and say "YES" to every mess they wish to create. I do not feel perfect, just riding this nice little happy groove of children, creating, reading, playing and some chores thrown in there,too. I fall asleep exhausted on those days but with a heart full of joy at what I was a part of.Then ,there are days like today. Instead of my nice, smooth groove, I feel like I was dragged across a dry river bed. And somehow managed to snag myself on every piece of debris left behind. I cringe when my children suggest another mess. The day is just a countdown to bedtime. I crawl in bed wondering what went wrong. I usually want to cry but am too tried to manage that emotional feat. Truth be told I feel like a failure. A friend commented on how she would like to focus on how God sees her. I would like today to see myself the way God sees me. What does He see when He looks at this broken mess of a girl? There were harsh words spoken, missed opportunities to show God's grace and precious time that slipped through my fingers today. I know the answer is not for me to pull up my boot straps and try harder tomorrow. I will seek His face, forgiveness and pray it is a smoother ride.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Birthday Season Has Begun

Borko birthday season begins with a triple birthday in August. My mom and C6 share a birthday and my sister's takes place a week before. We had the whole gang over for a birthday bash. There was food, cake and laughing. My mom loves coconut cake and had been eyeing this one over at Martha Stewart. We did the best we could to compete.

It was super yummy and vanished quickly. J's parents came over and celebrated later on in the week with a smaller cake!

C6 turned two AND there is not another baby coming. It has been a lot harder on this mama than I ever expected. I am trying to embrace the feelings and cry when I want or just sit and enjoy her when I know I "should" be doing something else. At first I tried to deny/suppress the grieving feelings. Things like:

"Give me a break Eva you do have SIX kids!!! What's your problem?"

"What are you some kind of baby nut!!! Won't it be great to not have a diaper bag?"

"You will have lots of grand babies to hold. Just wait."

"You can always work in the nursery!."

had been running through my head. I have never made it to a two year old birthday without a baby on the way. And this whole process of letting go bites.

::Before the curls came in

::My brown eyed girl

::Cool baby,cool

::Not so easy being two


Sigh . . . Now I'll be gearing up for P3's birthday this month, with ones following in October, November and December. We get January off before The Boy's birthday in February! Going to search for more cute cakes!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Went in for an Iron . . .

And as we were locating a cart, the cheerful worker handed us a paper bag and said (the magic words),"Fill it up with any books you want and it's only FIVE dollars!" There was no thinking about it. I snatched that bag up and began giving instructions to the girls with me to start looking. After we had piled an enormous amount of books in the cart, we sat down and sorted through them. P3(girl's beginning initial + birth order) became very concerned that ALL the books were going to fit in that one paper bag. Never fear, super-book-packer to the rescue. We carefully packed and repacked the books (can we count this for math in some way?)until they ALL fit. We located standard favorites, such as Hank the Cowdog, Madlibs (unused,YAHOO!), Amelia Bedelia and quite a bit more. I found a real gem.

It is not in pristine condition but it really doesn't matter because I would never sell it. I love old children's' books. There is something very special about the stories.I can't quite put my finger on what it is though.

They are simpler than the stories told today but the language is not dumbed down. The children are children. They play games, imagine things and get into all kinds of crazy situations that would never be allowed in modern books. They also all teach something but are less pushy about it. It seems that a lesson is shared quite by accident.

Unlike the story we read from the library tonight. The children in the book went to the beach, then they put on sunscreen, they only went into the water after they had paired up. One of the friends went too far and almost got hurt . . . blah,blah,blah,blah! There was no story, just a long list of rules about going to the beach with cute pictures. It made me shudder. It also makes me shudder to find the true treasures discarded. Many of them come with discard stamps from the public libraries. Arghhhh . . . what are they thinking???

Well, it is my personal duty to collect as many as I can for my children and grandchildren. Hey, who knows maybe I will open my own private children's library one day! What is your favorite oldie but goodie?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Life!!!

I love this post. I have come back to read it many times, just to know I am not alone. Check it out. You will laugh and maybe, even cry!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

August Highlights

August was a crazy, busy month for us. I have been away from this little spot due to a combination of a router-computer-thingie problem and and all the stuff we packed into this past month! Life is slowly tilting rightwards to (our version) normal. I wanted to take some time this week to let ya' in on some of the doings around here. The lack of computer time shot my productivity through the roof. I finished several WIP.

The Boy is not much of a model, so this was the best(only)shot I got of him in his new pants.

I made him another pair in tan and a coordinating set of shorts.

I am always suggesting he try a print or at least another color. But no!!! The Boy's wardrobe consists of dark colors and lots of pants/shorts with elastic waists. It is nice to have one child keep things simple. I have some girls that are very picky about style and colors and one who is insanely concerned about comfort! So really, I am not complaining about The Boy. There is one color he has taken a particular liking to lately . . .

He's moving up. In the end though, his favorite color will be black again:)