Monday, September 24, 2007

Lazy Days

Life is chugging along smoothly. I tend to be taken surprise by change. I realized this weekend that so much of my mini-meltdown was getting back into the gear of school, my mom returning to work (days off no longer regular) and all these birthdays! We have been working in the garden preparing the ground for our fall planting. I really want to try strawberries this year. I have offered a quarter per bucket of weeds. Now if only the strawberries would grow as well as the weeds!

::L1 earning some money

Awhile back, there was a storm brewing over at Stefani's. It triggered one here,too. It brewed up some serious thoughts about some things I had allowed to creep into our lives. I often think how we spend our time is just as important as how we spend our money. We have been cutting away some activities and slowly trying to make somethings a part of our everyday routine. Not all of us are as pleased as others.

::The Boy suffering from media withdrawal

The Littles (what I call the younger set of girls) have been busy working at their restaurant while the oldest girl and I dig in the garden.

::Carrot Peel Stew

::Dirt Cake (I love knowing that H 4 took this picture because she always gets the camera strap in the shot!!)

And hands down our favorite way to pass time is to watch C6 tote her bubble machine all around the yard.

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