Saturday, September 22, 2007

Enjoying My Kids

Friday I packed everyone up in the van (minus hubbie, who stayed home to have a day alone,they need them too sometimes) and headed off to Gainesville. We met up with my sister (single,cute,available)at the Florida Museum of Natural History. We explored everything from giant sharks to bat caves. There was no schedule, no plan-just us and the favorite aunt (brilliant,creative,funny).The highlight of our visit to the museum was the butterfly rain forest.

I truly could have spent all day here. If you are anywhere near you must check it out!!! All of the photos of the butterflies were taken by L1. She could have spent all day there,too.

The staff (including the security guards!) were friendly and very willing to share information with us. This particular gentleman from the butterfly rain forest impressed H4 with his ability to talk to the butterflies.

One of the butterflies wanted to come home with us!!! As you can see in the picture that I have C6's arm in a vice grip because she so very badly wanted to touch that butterfly. All the while L1 one was shrieking and telling us to hold still so she could get a picture. The truly amazing part is that this butterfly actually attempted to sample the flowers on my shirt. We learned that butterflies can see in ultraviolet and are attracted to certain flowers based on patterns revealed by ultraviolet light (see this page for a "mouse-over" demonstration).

Then she (I am assuming gender because we were informed that this type of butterfly's common name is Priscilla)slowly began to crawl up my neck. It was very ticklish. I wanted to shriek at this point.

Famished and in need of a recharge, my sister (talented,solo,joyful)took us to lunch at an awesome New York style pizza parlor. All the kiddos were duly impressed with the size of the slices and the paper plates they were given to decorate.There was conversation about what everyone was learning in school and a certain someone's birthday party.

As always, wherever my sister (bachelorette, smart, very smart!) is there ensues much silliness.

The peaceful ride home (except for the meltdown of C6 who could not understand why she had to stay in that blasted car seat) included leftover pizza and naps for most everyone. Thanks kids, truly you are blessings to this mama.

**warning** This blog contains subliminal messages***

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  1. thanks for taking us on your trip! I laughed out loud at each subliminal message!