Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Green with Envy

Everyone is busy noting the signs of fall and assessing their fall wardrobes. We on the other hand are still wearing shorts and running the air. I do not believe Florida has fall. We have summer, a milder summer-season-thing and then BAM-it is winter. I long to wear tights, corduroy and hand knit sweaters. Sigh . . .in the midst of finishing up the odd projects from my table I needed some more thread. While at the store I discovered these beautiful bamboo knitting needles. I felt silly even looking at them. The last thing I needed was a new project/skill to learn AND it is not like I have a running list of all these warm-woollies the family needs. I could not resist though. They were smooth and there was all this yummy yarn to go with them.I selected some cotton yarn, thinking of a pattern I had seen in the amazing book Kids Knitting. The directions are clear and the drawings are perfect. If you want to learn to knit, check out this book! I think the wash mitts would make great puppets,too.

I warn you though that knitting is addictive. I am constantly holding up one finger and asking,"One more row,OK?". It is super portable and so far (the wash mitt not being too terribly difficult of a pattern) putting down mid project has been fairly easy. Now that I have finished up all my "15 minute" projects,(and picked up something new) I am going to focus all my attention on a bigger project that has been waiting in the wings.

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  1. love the mitt, really cool! Tell H4 that I want to see that quilt in person if she'll let me!