Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Love Wendy

A new shirt for me!!! Hip,hip hurray!!! I am really digging my new Built By Wendy patterns.I had purchased the book SewU awhile back.I am not new to sewing my own clothing, yet I found some truly wonderful ideas in this book and more than anything it inspired confidence in me. Wendy really encourages you to make it your own. And that is the part about sewing my own clothing I really like.The book includes a pattern for your basic shirt, skirt and pants. I had been eyeing her other patterns, when the local fabric super center had them for 99cents I snapped up a few.The shirt I made at the beginning of the month was from pattern 3835.This new one was made using 3964. The gray knit fabric is from my mom's fabric stash. It is super soft and is quickly making this shirt one of my favorite's to slip on. The contrast is out of a not-so-soft polyester piece I picked up at Goodwill.

But ya' gotta' love that design! The button is from a stash of vintage goodies I found at the Quigely house. This is the first piece of knit clothing I made on my new serger. I am very,very,very,very pleased with how it turned out.

I do feel a little self conscious in it (and the other one) as I think it makes me look a tiny bit pregnant. Not sure if I am just sensitive (Well, I have been pregnant for 54 months out of the last 144 months!).No one has commented on it but then again for reasons already mentioned (see those numbers above) they know better than to ask. The supposed prego appearance is not going to stop me creating some of these comfy shirts. I think they made need a new skirt.

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