Monday, June 11, 2007

A Mom Apron

I had a friend request an apron that had a pocket on it that would hold her phone and day planner. I used the opportunity to try out Denyse Schmidt's Shimmy,Shake and Bake apron. I wanted the pocket larger than hers so I had hubby beef up the enlargement of the pattern. And while I like it . . . it just doesn't quite shimmy or shake like this one. I love the off-centeredness of her designs and I do not feel like it showed up in this pocket. So for those of you who read this and sew and have any clue as to what I am talking about . . .what do you think??? Did I lose the lines in the enlargement of the pattern or is it something else I may have done wrong???? The color choices??? UGH! This is not making me feel hopeful about that quilt I want to some day make.
FYI : no, he really does not always wear his karate uniform. it just turned out that way with these posts.<>


  1. OK, yeah. But your friend really loves that apron . . . when she can find it . . .oh! There it is! Under the pile on the kitchen table!

    Least I know where to look for my day planner.

  2. great job! I like the colors on the patch the best. Maybe next time go crazier with the angles and it will shimmy and shake some more for ya'!