Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thrifting Trance

Every Tuesday, the three younger girls and I, take The Boy to karate lessons. A Good Will and a Quigley House thrift store are conveniently located within a five minute drive of his dojo. Some days we just pick up a book or a "new" pair of jeans for someone BUT sometimes it is a very good haul. This past Tuesday was one of those trips.

Though our day for taking pictures was cloudy, my lovely models brighten up the shots. I love Fire King's colored dishes and my hubbie has a certain appreciation for inlay so I had to nab that tray. It is extremely sturdy and I have already served cookies on it!

We have five girls, all of whom are horse crazy. Even the youngest ,at 20months,will point to a horse and cry,"Horsie!!! See!!! See!!!". I scored almost 4 yards of fabric covered in English riding saddles. Included in this stack is a small piece of brown courdory and a brushed, black velvet-like piece.

I hardly ever purchase trim or buttons from "real" stores. This time I truly felt blessed. Those red things on the right are really long, industrial strength zippers. I have no clue what I will do with them. They were in the bag with the rest of the trim.

My only excuse for this purchase is we have five girls and every household with five girls needs a blanket with unicorns and rainbows. I would like to add a back and some handy triangle pockets (like the ones on Denyse Schmidt's beach blanket). I think it would be a perfect keep-in-the-car blanket.

This bundle of sweetness has won over all the ladies at the thrift stores we visit. She greets everyone with an enthusiastic wave and sometimes even a "Hello!". The gals over at the Quigley House thrift store always manage to find chocolate to hand out. Happy thriftin' adventures!


  1. My, your girls have grown!!! They are beautiful. Love thrift store shopping..miss it here but I guess we get our fill at the weekly market that comes to town...usually none of the clothes fit but some of the other stuff is fun!