Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I love shoes . . . ALOT! I know this isn't the crazy,deep, dark seceret that warrants a post titled "Confessions". I know I am a girl and have a genetic excuse for my attraction to cute shoes. All the same, I try to suppress it. I think about all those starving kids in China or just the ones here who will need braces and somehow the shoes seem frivoulus. Very unimportant. I just need one pair of tennis shoes, one pair of yard shoes and one pair of dress shoes. Right??? Sigh . . .but I can not help myself. So, I play a little game with myself. If I buy myself shoes, they can not cost more than ten dollars and must not be new. I know the 'not new' thing will make some people a little squeamish but it doesn't bother me. Now, I do buy my tennis shoes new(because I do alot of walking and all the used ones are,well, really used) and if someone wants to buy me a new, shiny, higher priced shoe as a gift I will graciously bend the rules and accept them. I certainly would never want to offend anyone. This game allows all to be right with the world and allows me to have quite a collection of shoes. These babies were three dollars from the Good Will.


  1. VERY cute! And I like the coffee pot cozy too!
    Thanks for your prayers...

  2. i noticed those the other day when I saw you and thought they were "too" cute! how could you have passed up a great deal like that?

  3. I saw these on you the other day and meant to comment on how much I liked them. YOU find the cutest things at thrift stores! When I go, all I find are old lady shoes. (And NOOOO! I'm not wearing those yet.)
    Anyway I didn't say anything even though I thought they were new, but figured I might have just not noticed them for the last year or more. But I do like them.
    There. Have I said enough?