Monday, April 23, 2007

Coffee Pot Cozy

I love felting sweaters. I love the thrill of the hunt at the thrift stores, for just that right sweater. I love watching it change in the washing machine (though my husband doesn't appreciate the calls about the drain overflowing from felt-debris) and I love explaining to people how to felt sweaters. I always tell them you just do the exact opposite of everything your mother told you to do to care for wool!

So, a girl gets a new coffee pot and what does she have to do? Make a cozy for it,of course! I created this out of an adult black sweater and a child's Gap sweater. The floral design was made out of odds and ends I saved. (ALWAYS, save odds and ends!) I like this pattern because it exposes the spout and handle, as opposed to the cozy covering the whole pot.

You place the pot inside, using the attached band (I made it out of the cuffs from the child's sweater. They remain stretchy.) twist it around the top, like a ponytail holder. And ta-da!!!!You have a warm beverage for that long morning conversation, over coffee cake of course.

This was the perfect little project for sewing up by hand whilst knocked out on the couch. It would make a cute little purse,too. You could just sew the sides up, move that band up and add a little pocket inside. Hmmmmm . . . . I wonder if I have enough left. This is officially my first Whiplash entry. I am submitting it in the project categorey. And you can bet the farm, not my last:

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