Monday, October 22, 2007

Yep, She Fell Off the Fence

I had carefully plotted out our course for the day. Everything was running smoothly. Most everyone had finished school and we were heading into lunch ahead of schedule,then they came running.

"The girls fell mommy! And N3 can not get up!"

Quickly I jogged out to the backyard and found N3 laying on the ground.H4 had also fallen but thankfully only received some "road rash". I think she might have been spared worse by falling on her sister! N3's arm was twisted funny under her, crying,out of breath, I carried her inside. It hurt to put ice on her arm and it was beginning to swell a little. J would be home in 30 minutes, so we waited on Daddy to see what he thought. He confirmed my suspicions that it was possibly broken. Off to the doctor we went. (After dropping the rest of the kiddos off with a friend. I heart my friends!)An x-ray showed it was a fracture and she would need a cast the next day. Our first.

Interesting statements N3 has made:

::"Yeah, no school for three weeks!"

::"Yeah, no baths for three weeks!"

::" Mom, I don't have anything that goes with red for church."

::" Instead of kung-fu, I can perform cast-fu!" (said while waving cast in a violent manner)

It has not slowed her down at all, though!


  1. I guess it's off to the sewing machine for some coordinating outfits!

  2. Oh No! Well, my N3 still has fond memories of his cast. Every once in a while he will say, 'I wish I had my cast back.' I'm thinking...'!??!' Thanks for popping in on my blog every now and then. Miss you, girl!

  3. Found your blog through another blog and what an adorable family you have. You may not remember me but we went to jr. high & high school together. My oldest son broke his foot when he was about 2.5 years and when that cast came off -- what a terrible smell!!! He also broke his collar bone on an giant exercise ball-- OUCH. I would love to reconnect. Kristi (wrenn)