Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Introducing Jane/June

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to Jane and June.

This is June. We find her, on a fine fall day (November 1st to be exact) reviewing her holiday list. June has finished all she has planned -cookies are baked & in the freezer,all presents are purchased & wrapped, Thanksgiving menu planned, Christmas cards addressed, stamped & signed!!! Yes, June is a marvel. She even had time to whip up a festive apron. Now what shall we do for New Year's???

I would like to introduce you to Jane. Poor, poor Jane, she thought it would be festive to home dye her hair red & green. As you can see it did not turn out so well. On the 23rd of December, around midnight, she realized her scheme of making matching pj's for the kiddos was not going to happen. In despair, she tossed the scissors and is retreating to her room with a cup of joe and chocolate until mid-January.

This Topsy-turvy doll is my entry for the 2007 Holiday Softie Awards. (Please, stop by and browse through all the amazing entries) I am not a big holiday gal. There are multiple reasons for this,of which none I am going to go into. Too much navel-gazing for me, thank you very much! This little gal was great therapy. Everyone in my house has decided I need to place her on the table and use her as a way to give everyone a heads up as to my state of being! I am thinking maybe it is not such a bad idea!

The thing is though, now I am getting a little weirded out about having her up there for the "world" to see. Does anyone else get this knots in their stomach feeling when showing your work to other folks?


  1. love your doll/dolls! not a bad idea to display her for you family to know what "state of mind you are in", I need a doll too! great job on the faces and the chocolate and coffee cup are too cute!

  2. You have no reason for the knots. She is wonderful, and amazing! You are so creative! Enter her!! Do it . . . now! I love you sweet friend. Do you know how incredible you are?

  3. I love the doll. It is so cute and let me think about which one I am today. That would have to be Jane. Oh maybe just maybe God will turn me into a June one day. Yeah, right I would not know what to do if I was organized.

  4. Very cute! I agree with Lisa...You are amazing! Did you enter her? Be sure to keep us updated!