Friday, July 4, 2008

On the Loose in Dublin

We hit the ground running - literally - as we ran with our luggage to make sure we all go on one bus. Space was not the issue so much as time. But, once settled we were able to enjoy traffic in Ireland's largest city atop a double-decker bus on the wrong side of the street!

We arrived at Abbey Presbyterian Church on Parnell Square in downtown Dublin and got a rundown on the week. Abbey Church is hosting an "Arts Festival." During the early afternoon hours the historic church will be open to public viewing.

In the evenings there will be the Xpresso Cafe, a coffee house setting in the church's basement with art and photography on display and live music. Our job during the day will be to do some advertisement by way of "busking" in some of Dublin's pedestrian-only downtown streets (Grafton and Henry streets). On Thursday some of us will play some more classical selections in the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art (two doors down from Abbey Church.

This museum boasts Ireland's biggest collection of modern painters including Renoir, Monet, and Degas.


  1. how long are you all there? what fun! any future plans for living there long term? just wondering!

  2. Crystal- It is just my dear J that is in Dublin right now. The kiddos and I are spending a week with Cherie and then will be returning home. J will be in Dublin until the 14th.No future plans. Well, none that I know of:)