Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To Introduce Myself

Hello! My name is L1 and my mom asked me to post on her blog about me and horses and stuff. So, here I am! Some of my favorite things to do are: be around horses, be with my friends and family, write, draw, take pictures, and play on the computer.howrse is my favorite website to play on. It is all free (except special stuff) but I advise you to not get an account unless your parents are willing to let you spend large amounts of time on the computer everyday. It is VERY addicting. I have two pets, a cat, Maken, he is VERY sweet but a little on the tubby side. And there is Sugar, she is a very big blessing to have, as she is a horse! OK, here's the story, my riding teacher had to get rid of her horses and she asked if we would like on of them (they said they would give her to us) of course my parents said yes so I have her now. She is a 25y/old QH and she is pretty much bomb-proof and was trained to do pretty much anything. Here is a picture of her and P3 having a tea party:)

My favorite color is... well, I don't really have a favorite color! I like all of them! and my favorite fruit is bannana. (Did you know that nuts are considered fruits? I don't really count them as fruit though!) My best friend is K4 and she lives about 20 min. away from our house (that's really a blessing, I don't know what I'd do if she lived any farther away!) and I get to see her a bunch. Here's a picture of her and one of our kittens when they were younger.

My favorite comic (that's NOT in the newspaper)is Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson. It is about a six-year-old boy with a wild imagination and his tiger, Hobbes. They're really funny, here's part of one, it's one of my favorites.

Well, that's pretty much it! I will post again soon, and thanks for reading my post!


  1. Hey EvaB and L1, thanks for the posts...and I LOVE the horse! what a blessing to have a horse of your very own. This is PJ ultimate dream so maybe when we come home he can have a ride on her?
    Thanks for your example and encouragment...may God bless you richly this summer.

  2. I just love Calvin and Hobbes also and collect all of the books. I even named my dog Hobbes. My favorite strip was when Calvin was having a bad day and he said "Hobbes somedays even my lucky rocket ship underpants don't help"
    I cried the day the author announced he was not going to be writing the strip any more.

    I would love to have horses and teach my kids how to ride. But until I have more land I will just admire them.

    Eva, Glad to have you back at the blog site.

  3. Crystal-YES!!! You must come and enjoy Sugar,too.

    Kristi-My favorite is when Calvin compares Hobbes tail to a necktie. The books are always in use around here.