Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Randomness and a Link for Lisa

~Yesterday,the kids and I ordered THE BIKE. H4 was disappointed when she realized she wouldn't get to see the man's face when he received his gift! We will be turning our thoughts locally this time around. There are some very amazing places around town. Please, take a moment and see if maybe there is something you could do.
~The Barney Rubble camera died. Pictures around here will be sparse for awhile. I have been praying(coveting, scheming, whining) for one of these babies.
~I have added one more goal for the year. I 'll post the list tomorrow.
~ This is an interesting story. I liked it.Hey, computer guy (you know which one you are) is that really true what they say about computers???


  1. It's been a while since I worked hardware, but no tech worth anything would put together a PC that couldn't be upgraded. What happens though is the big corporations bank on the fact that the average person can't do the work themselves, so yeah, they build it so you can't upgrade. Here's a post along those lines:

    Planned Obsolesence

    I like his point though that there are a lot of little shops around who will do the work for you. Thats where my wonderful wife got my Father's Day present last year...a low end server that I could wipe and put Linux on to play with and learn. She just told them what she wanted and they put a machine together for her.

  2. Thanks for the info! That is very interesting. . .I myself have a non-branded computer. Please, do not ask me questions about specs. I have no clue!!! I just run "next door" & take it to get fixed:)