Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year

We welcomed the New Year with an evening spent in the company of close friends. There was warm soup, coffee, a fire and s'mores. A total of 18 children were in attendance (divided not so evenly between four sets of parents)!!! Everyone (in our clan) made it 'til midnight. That was a big first. The next day we bummed around and had some more s'mores. That's the upside of having forgotten to bring our share on New Year's Eve!

We discussed New Year's resolutions. The Boy described them as "things you DON'T do!" Te-he! How true that often ends up being. Most of the gang did not have too many plans laid out,yet. L1 continues in her quest to accumulate a large sum of money to purchase a horse. The Boy and P3 are going to try for reading the whole Bible. The Boy tried this past year and almost made it but not quite! My sweet man's goal is to be a man worthy of my kindness and affection. (He is for real! The guy breaks my heart.)

I have a few, small personal goals. I want to learn to knit socks. I found someone in real-life who knits! She is going to help me make sense of using four needles to knit. I think it looks terribly scary. I have also been tweaking our homeschooling adventure. I want to aim for reading out loud at least two hours a day. That may be my most ambitious endeavour this year! We don't want our Advent Conspiracy to end and have decided to continue it year round. The beginning of anything, whether a pristine blank journal, a box of newly sharpened pencils or the smell of an unread book, is exciting. I am looking forward to this new year and the adventures that lie in wait.


  1. New Year's Resolutions are NOT something you don't actually do. They are a new start, sometimes on a continuing goal. Like an aircraft that periodically has to be redirected back on course, any goal, and especially new annual goals are redirections in life that over time, amount to a life flying on course in the direction God desires.

    How's that for philosophical? And are you surprised I read your blog?

    Love you sweet friend.

  2. You should warn me when you are going to comment. I nearly fell off the stool. Yep, that is pretty philosophical. But right on, in many ways.