Friday, July 13, 2007

Adopted Cousins

J(aka hubby) and I have one sibling each. J's brother and sister-in-law have chosen not to have children. My sister would like children but is still waiting for Mr.Right. (We are taking applications! Single, stable males between 25 and 35 with a job they love who won't mind a woman who loves her work, too can email me:) So, we have no cousins. The Lord has blessed us with special friendships. We have some "adopted" cousins who live close by and a few we have to travel a little farther to see. We visited with our cousins in Orlando this past weekend. A blast was had by all! They have 3 boys and 2 girls. The ages are a perfect match up. J and I love their parents dearly and we all agree on what a good time is. So while the grownups talked and talked and talked and talked talked . . .

Cousins swam in the pool:



Played games:

Old Friendships Refreshed:

And a New One Formed:

Life is hard sometimes and it is so sweet to have friends to share the road!

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