Thursday, January 4, 2007

Please, Don't Laugh!!!

Pretty,please??? I am sharing a drawing I did today and one done a couple days earlier. I love drawing. I always have. Art was my favorite subject in elementary school and I wanted to be just like Mrs. Dickinson. Well, drawing got pushed asisde and it has not been something I have thought about for a very long time. My oldest Sweetpea is quite passionate about drawing. She began with these hotdog shaped horses and after spending some time with this book she achieved the lovely horse you see pictured below. I have commented to her many times that I would like to be able to draw as well as she does. My plucky girl keeps encouraging me to just practice, practice,practice. So I dragged out a book I had purchased to use for home education and have been practicing. I am pleased especially with that little orange cutie on the right. What do you have a desire to learn?


  1. Love your drawings and glad you have a blog. It will be nice to see what you create and share in it with you!

  2. ~E, so excited that you are now blogging! Looking forward to the things you will create and I love the drawings by the way. Thanks, too, for adding us to your "real life friends" reel! Miss you so much. I almost wrote you an email the other day but I think Calvin woke up and ended that! Watched a DVD sermon last Sunday and it happened to be the Sunday you all had Caroline baptized! It was SO precious for me to see you all and to hear your testimony too. God bless you all...