Thursday, January 11, 2007

Apron Photo Contest

This is the photo we sent in for The Apron Photo Contest. The wee chef on the right is wearing a paper apron (and hat) she received as party favors at a recent birthday party. The second wee chef in pink is wearing a smock my mom made for her. I love it because the ties are in the back(she needs my help to take it off) and it covers most of her body. This wee chef enjoys watching Rachel Ray at Grandma's house. She will often bake "fresh French loaves" for me! The next,um not so wee chef, is me. I am sporting my Edwardian apron. Let me count the ways I love thee, 1) I mastered homemade bias tape during this sewing project 2) It covers all of me! Really protecting my clothes 3) I instantly find myself speaking softer once I don it 4) I can wear my pj's under it and still answer the door! Next in the lineup is our faithful floor sweeper. Juliet (the dog) is enduring wearing one of the smocks my mom made. The dog handler and pancake chef wonder, is wearing a gardening apron my mom made me. I think the pancake chef likes to
wear it because it is her mom's and I almost cry everytime I see her in it. (She really has grown way too fast!) We really love aprons around here. They are super functional and super-de-dooper FUN!


  1. VERY cute! I can't believe how big your kids are getting! They are still adorable though. =)

  2. I know Crystal!Jason and I are daily amazed at how they have grown. We still see them all as little babies:) Don't forget to go to Mommylife and vote!!