Sunday, December 2, 2007


This afternoon, my mom and I went to the theatre to view the movie Bella. It was a sensory feast. I was captured with the colors and sounds of New York. They spoke quite a bit of Spanish throughout the movie, this tickled me. I want to take my sister to see it and ask her if she recognizes any of the places. I am curious to know whether she thinks it gave an accurate glimpse into New York City life. The story line is brilliant.They captured the feelings and reactions of a young woman who has discovered an unplanned pregnancy with great clarity. I found tears welling up in my eyes as I remembered the process of finding out I was pregnant with L1. The sadness of life plans averted and changed, not willingly by the participants of life but by an unforeseen hand, struck a deep cord within me. Those changed plans may seem a disaster at first but this movie ends with hope. The sweet hope of a Love bigger than ourselves . I feel as if I am babbling on now. I am not a movie critic and most of the time not a very good writer. My words can not do this movie, this small bit of beauty and hope, any justice. Please, go and see it for yourself.

**I tried to embed the trailer but it did not work. Please, head over here and watch it. I will conquer this whole embedding thing. I will!!!***

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