Monday, November 26, 2007

The Making of Lists

Howdy, one and all! I am finally resurfacing after a lovely break with J and the kids. There is much to share but right now this girl is going to crawl under the sheets and pass out. Today was the first day back to "school" for us (ummm in awhile!) and it was rough. I have two birthday posts to write. I hadn't realized how much the kiddos enjoyed them, until two somebodies, pointed out to me I haven't written theirs,yet. I also have one final birthday goodie to share. Man, my birthday rocked this year!!! The kids and I have joined a conspiracy, there will be a shop opening up to aid the effort and I have to write some more posts about my amazing (single)sister, who found a job here by us and is not moving away to some dreadful place where it snows. I also really need to update my books read list. Do any of y'all actually look at that? I like it. It is very tangible proof I have accomplished something!!!! Be back in this space tomorrow.

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